You have an idea, a wish or a vision, you don't know how to produce it, don't worry, a wide range of Gumix Elastor services is here to help.

Due to the rich machine park, we offer machining services of various materials. Turning, drilling, CNC machining, punching and punching holes, engraving, plasma and laser cutting, varnishing. In addition to machining, we also offer hot and cold joining services of metal-rubber, aluminum-rubber, plastic-rubber.

Integrated development, testing and production processes are a guarantee of consistent quality of GUMIX ELASTOR products.

  From idea to finished product in one place


  Maximum savings of time and money for partners


  Fast delivery


Construction and development of tools, products and devices

In a professional team of engineers and technologists who deal exclusively with the development and construction of tools, devices and products in modern CAD / CAM software, they will find a solution for every challenge.

The application of CAD / CAM systems gives numerous advantages to users, so that today the question is not whether to use them, but what are the optimal solutions for a specific production or development company. CAD / CAM system increases the productivity of each company (speed)

Today, productivity is one of the most important requirements facing companies. Having the right solution at the right time is a condition for progress and survival in the conditions of global competition.

Processing of various materials on CNC machines

High-quality machining of various materials reduces the need for additional finishing, and thus reduces costs. We offer processing of various materials according to your requirements, with the help of modern and precise machines. If you are looking for a reliable partner for processing various materials who will pay maximum attention to your project, contact us with confidence.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting of sheet metal, pipes and profiles is performed using a new laser with fiber laser technology. The principle of operation of fiber laser technology is based on the use of a special beam of optical fibers as an active medium with a thickness of only a few μm. bronzes of thinner thicknesses.

Metal bending

Bending sheet metal is a demanding process that requires precision and quality. Therefore, we perform this service for you with the help of modern machines and professional staff.

The modern technology we use for bending sheet metal enables the processing of more complicated parts made of bent sheet metal, that is, metal.

Our business policy, expertise and certified quality management system ISO 9001 are a guarantee of the quality of our services, where we pay maximum attention to each of your projects, while respecting the agreed deadlines.

Rubber services

The main activity of the company is the production of rubber technical products for agriculture, utilities and industry. We offer over 1000 items and a long tradition of work and quality.

We would especially like to single out the agricultural program where, in addition to spare parts, we also offer rubberizing services for various rollers and other products where necessary. We make products for all types of industries and we are always open to new challenges and producing something new if there is a need.


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