For over 26 years Gumix Elastor Ltd. has been present on the market, tirelessly working on empowering processes, enhancing technology and expanding its global network of satisfied clients.  We are progressively heading towards becoming one of the leading manufacturers of rubber technical products, agricultural and industrial machinery equipment, and utility.

Always striving to innovate and improve, we became a renewed brand with a continuous presence in over 20 European markets. Through our emerging platforms, we are able to react promptly and flexibly to global and local customer demands and meet them with excellence.

No matter the industry – be it in agriculture or utility, Gumix Elastor solutions increase the system efficiency. For the production, we handpick materials of the supreme quality and transform them into high-level performing products for your machinery. We provide our customers with leading-edge technology and deliver premium solutions and best-in-class tools and services. All of our processes take place in modern and fully equipped production facilities. As we continuously reinvent ourselves to stay competitive by challenging convention, we made sure our working environment stimulates ‘out of the box’ thinking and creativity.



Mastering the art of design, test and production, we thrive on challenging ourselves to develop durable and reliable equipment. We consider customer satisfaction to be the measurement of quality. Merging human intelligence with state-of-the-art technology is key to guaranteeing consistent brand excellency.